The new normal has brought distance learning among school-aged children into the forefront, among other significant changes. Many parents, however, got a glimpse of its many challenges, including the fact that children aren’t immune to developing dry, tired eyes while they use laptops, tablets, and other related devices for longer periods.

Blue light eyeglasses for children

This brings to mind the need for young learners to wear blue-light glasses to protect their eyes from digital eye strain due to increased screen time. Excel Eyecare OD PA, your local eye care provider for your LASIK eye surgery and other needs, explains further.

About Blue Light and Its Effect on Children

Blue light refers to a high-energy lightwave found not just in digital screens but also in sunlight. Given that most school-aged children today are using mobile devices for more than three hours a day, they’re exposed to high amounts of blue light that can result in eye fatigue and dryness, and other symptoms.

Fortunately, there is no evidence that blue light can lead to permanent eye damage. While that may be the case, vision therapy pros say that minimizing exposure through the use of blue-light glasses can help reduce the effects of digital eye strain.

Do Blue-Light Glasses Work?

A pair of blue-light glasses, which can be bought even with or without a prescription, have special lenses with a slightly yellow tint. Designed to block a specific segment of light wavelengths, they can reduce your child’s exposure to blue-violet rays by more than 80%. 

Of course, getting your child to wear a pair of these glasses isn’t the only thing you should do to keep digital eye strain and its symptoms at bay. Whether they are in their online classes or playing video games, make sure you encourage them to blink more often and follow the 20-20-20. The latter involves looking at a distant object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. If they are using a laptop or computer monitor, make sure it is set at the right distance and angle to limit eye strain.

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