Individuals who prefer lightweight eyeglasses can benefit from high-index lenses. Eye doctors usually prescribe these lenses to people with strong eye prescriptions. It means you don’t need to worry about thick lenses or heavy glasses, and you can stay in style while seeing clearly. 

A local expert in corneal reshaping technology explains what high-index lenses are and how they differ from standard lenses. 

High-Index Lenses VS Regular Lenses

The lenses on your eyeglasses fix refractive errors by bending the last that passes through them. The eyeglass prescription given by your eye doctor indicates the amount of light-bending ability or lens power you need to see clearly. 

The higher your eye prescription is, the thicker your glasses will be if using regular glass or plastic lenses. You can now get high-index lenses from your vision therapy provider. These lenses do not need a lot of materials to create, but they can still effectively correct your vision. High-index lenses are significantly thinner and lighter than standard lenses. 

Why Are High-Index Lenses Ideal for People With Strong Prescriptions?

High-index lenses bend light better, and they have thinner edges than conventional lenses with the same prescription power. Since these lenses are thinner, they reduce the overall weight of your glasses. It is also the reason they are more comfortable to wear. 

Nearsighted people can benefit from these lenses even better because this refractive error can make standard glasses really heavy. With high-index lenses, the wearer will have a more attractive profile and minimize the magnified “bug-eye” appearance caused by standard lenses with strong farsightedness prescriptions.

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