It pays to take good care of your eyeglass frames and lenses. When you have poor vision and wear eyeglasses, you know that these lenses are your window to a clearer and more colorful lifestyle, so taking care of your eyeglasses and performing maintenance regularly is key to leading a productive day. But there are a few things you should remember before you start cleaning them. Excel Eyecare OD PA shares some best practices for doing so.



Grip Firmly and Properly


When doing maintenance on your eyeglasses, remember to hold them properly. It is ill-advised to clean them by holding one of the frame arms, as this can cause your eyeglasses to bend at an angle, and can cause undue stress on the joints of the frame. When cleaning the lenses, hold your eyeglasses properly by firmly gripping the bridge of the frame, the piece that’s between the two lenses and is placed right above your nose.


Don’t Use Strong Chemicals


Using strong chemicals on your eyeglasses is not recommended, as the likes of household cleaning fluids (which usually contain ammonia or some form of a strong acid) not only destroy and break down the protective coating over your lenses but also leave trace amounts of those chemicals on the surface that can irritate your eye. Use clean water or actual eyeglass cleaning fluids that are specifically made to be gentle on the lenses and the coatings they have. If you feel like you have dry eyes but properly clean your eyeglasses with the proper cleaning materials, it would be best to contact an eye care professional and get examined (and get a treatment procedure like LipiFlow® for your eyes).


Use Proper Wiping Materials


Avoid using paper towels, wet wipes, napkins, and the like to wipe your eyeglasses. These materials contain wood pulp and have textured surfaces that can easily scratch your lenses and affect the coating of your lenses. Avoid cleaning the lenses with the hem of your clothing as well, because if your clothing’s material is not 100% cotton, it’ll do more harm than good when it comes to cleaning grime off the surface of your lenses. We highly recommend the use of microfiber cloth instead, as they wipe the dirt and other substances off of surfaces with great care and efficiency.

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