Your eyes are one of the most important assets of the human body. This is why people go through great lengths to ensure that their vision is always in good condition by having regular eye health exams, eye doctor consultations and following a healthy lifestyle. There are so many ways to take care of your eyesight, such as limiting your exposure to UV radiation from sunlight and old screens or even getting the right amount of rest.

However, just as there are many ways to help maintain good eyesight, there are a lot of myths and misinformation that are circulating around. While some of them may sound downright harmless, some of them can be dangerous or detrimental to your eye health if you keep following them without knowing the truth behind them.

In this post, your vision therapy specialist, Excel Eyecare OD PA, debunks the most popular and persistent myths on vision and eye health.

Eating Carrots Alone Will Improve Your Vision

Eating carrots is a popular belief since they are rich in Vitamin A which is an important nutrient for eye health and development. However, you shouldn’t rely on carrots alone since there are other kinds of food that are rich in Vitamin A as well.

These include cheese, egg yolk, liver and milk. Also, plant chemicals called carotenoids that improve eye health are present in vegetables such as spinach, kale, and pepper that are colored red, orange, or yellow. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid carrots, but you should know that carrots alone aren’t your only source of Vitamin A. In fact, if your diet consists of these other healthy foods, then you might not even need to incorporate carrots in your daily macros.

Contacts and Glasses Weaken Your Eyesight

Another popular myth is that eyeglass frames and contact lenses make your eyesight weaker. This belief is founded by your eyes growing too dependent on your glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. Your vision would then decrease due to its dependencies on these accessories. However, there is no truth to this myth. Some of the main reasons that your eyesight continues to deteriorate despite wearing glasses or contacts are because of aging or eye complications such as cataracts.

With that being said, you shouldn’t be afraid of using contacts or eyeglasses since they help you gain better vision. If your vision still continues to deteriorate, be sure to pay a visit to your local eye doctor for a professional opinion.

Reading with Less Light Damages Your Eyes

You’ve probably seen warning signs from both video games and movies stating that you should be moderately far from the screen and watching or playing in a well-lit room. Some people think that your vision wik deteriorate because of this, but this isn’t the case. Your vision therapy expert will tell you that it only causes temporary eye strain or a headache at worst.

You’ll find out as you grow older that it’s more difficult to focus or read when there’s less light present in the room, but that’s only caused by aging. You’d be surprised that you’ll see kids reading, playing, or watching in spaces with low light with no problems at all, compared to a middle-aged adult. Bottom line is that reading, watching, or playing in the dark in itself isn’t the cause of vision problems as time goes by.

Eye Exams are Only Needed When You Have Eye Problems

Some people believe that you only need eye health exams when you’re experiencing vision problems. This isn’t the case since eye exams are actually meant for everyone. Having an eye checkup will be useful for spotting eye problems and symptoms before they worsen. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to visit your eye doctor once every two years to see if anything has changed. They will be able to assess whether your eye health has improved or degraded over time. Also, they’ll conduct lifestyle checks to see what you’re doing right or wrong so that you can adjust accordingly to support your visual health.

Staying Near Screens Can Cause Eye Damage

Many people believe that staying near screens such as your TV or computer monitor for a long time can cause eye damage. While this isn’t totally the case, doing so can lead to eye fatigue, mild headaches, brow pain, and even back pain if you tend to slouch a lot. To avoid these kinds of fatigue, try to take a five-minute break every hour and look away from the screen for a little while. Go outside or open your windows for a little bit to get some sunlight which is helpful for your eyes. It’s understandable some people need to be close to the screen since they’re nearsighted or require glasses when using devices, so it really helps to take a break once in a while.

Only Men Can Be Color Blind

Women can also experience color blindness, but this myth stems from the fact that men are at an inherently higher risk. In fact, one out of 10 men has at least one form of color deficiency. This happens since color blind individuals are born with partial or absence of cones in their retina which help distinguish the primary colors, blue, red, and green.

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