Hobbies and tasks that require close attention and detailed work can become more difficult as you get older. This is where reading glasses come in. They can help you see clearer and better, but like most products, they will vary in quality. If you plan to get reading glasses, you may have to decide between prescription ones and over-the-counter (OTC). But which one is actually the better choice? The trusted specialist of LipiFlow dry eye treatment, Excel Eyecare OD PA, shares a quick answer:

Go For Prescription Reading Glasses

The reading glasses on the rack at your corner drugstore are not it. They are less expensive, sure, but they are not particularly well-made. In fact, if you wear prescription reading glasses and switch back to over-the-counter ones, you will notice the dip in quality from the latter. You can definitely do better than OTC reading glasses. Here are more of the reasons to choose prescription instead:

  • More Durable and Stylish Frames. Have you noticed the frames of  OTC reading glasses tend to snap rather quickly? Before you know it, you are buying another pair only for the same thing to happen. This will not be an issue with prescription reading glasses. They use tougher material while maintaining the stylish look of the eyeglass frames.
  • Higher Quality Lens. Compared to OTC options, prescription reading glasses use polycarbonate and other materials that are generally defect-free, or close to it. They will not have bubbling and other imperfections in the lenses that make it difficult to see. In some cases, using subpar OTC reading glasses for a long time can even lead to declining eyesight. 
  • Precise Vision. You will experience clearer and more comfortable eyesight when you choose prescription reading glasses. That’s because their strength will be customized to your specific vision needs. They do not just correct your vision–they are also integral to maintaining your overall eye health.

Enjoy Clearer and Healthier Vision 

Aside from comprehensive eye health exams, Excel Eyecare OD PA can also provide a wide range of eye disorder treatments and vision care services. If you need high-quality, precise, and comfortable prescription eyeglasses to make your fine detailed tasks easier, you only have to schedule a visit. You can do so by calling us at (980) 319-1870 or filling out this convenient form. We proudly serve Charlotte, NC and other areas in Mecklenburg County.