Many people do not notice that their vision has changed until they get eye health exams. Regular visits to your eye doctor will help you keep track of the condition of your eye and vision. When it is time to get new eyeglasses, make sure to invest in a pair made from quality materials. Fortunately, today, you have a lot of options when it comes to eyeglass frames. 

Read on for a quick overview of some of the most popular eyeglass frame materials. 

Signs You Need New Eyeglasses

Constant Headaches

When you are not wearing the right eyeglasses, your eyes will work harder than they should. As a result, you can get aches around your eyes. You’re likely to feel this pain while reading a book, using the computer, and other activities that require eye focus. 

Squinting a Lot

While squinting can temporarily help you see better, it can give you headaches when you do it a lot. It’s usually something that people do unconsciously. The more incorrect your eyeglass prescription is, the more you are likely to squint. 


Your brain combines the two images from your eyes into one clear picture. However, if one of your eyes does not see as clearly as the other, the distorted image can make you feel nauseous. Your brain will start seeing two different images if one eye has a stronger prescription than the other. An incorrect eyeglass prescription can also give you double vision. If you have these symptoms, visit your local eye doctor, Excel Eyecare OD PA, for an exam. Besides eye and vision exams, we also offer LipiFlow for dry eye disease and LASIK eye surgery consultations. 

Damaged Glasses

Scratches, dents, and scuffs on your glasses can affect your vision, and you may not be even aware of it. Damaged eyeglasses can give you headaches or eye strain. When getting new glasses, consider investing in technologies, such as glare reduction, UV protection, and smudge and scratch resistance. 

It’s Been at Least a Year Since Your Last Eye Doctor Visit

Usually, it can take around a year for your prescription to change. It is one reason experts recommend getting eye exams at least once a year. Sometimes, your eye doctor may suggest you check in sooner if you have higher risks for certain eye conditions.  

Popular Eyeglass Frame Materials 


Plastic frames come in a wide range of styles and materials. This material can be colored, laminated, patterned, and layered with fabrics. Two of the most commonly used plastic frame materials are Zyl and propionate. Cellulose acetate or Zyl is the most commonly used material for plastic frames, and it is available in almost any color you can think of. Propionate is a nylon-based, hypoallergenic and lightweight plastic.


Also called acetate, nylon is a popular eyeglass frame material due to its durability and resistance to hot and cold temperatures. It was first used in the 1940s and is typically used for sports sunglasses. This material can be easily molded into wraparound styles. 


Titanium is one of the highest quality eyeglass frames available today due to its strength and superior durability. It is typically used in advanced technological applications, such as aerospace, medical, and military. Moreover, it is a great material for eyeglasses hinges and frames. 

Eye doctors recommend this material because it is strong, corrosion-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Manufacturers combine it with other metals to create titanium alloys. Titanium alloys still feature many of the benefits of titanium alloys but are at a lower cost. 

Stainless Steel

Another popular material for eyeglass frames is stainless steel. It is a more affordable option than titanium but still offers excellent strength. This eyeglass frame option is lightweight and resists corrosion. It is one reason many manufacturers prefer it in their metal frames. 


Beryllium is extremely lightweight, strong, and flexible, allowing opticians to adjust it easily. It is corrosion-resistant and is ideal for people who are always near saltwater. This material is available in various colors as well. 


During your eye health exams, your eye doctor may mention aluminum frames if you need new glasses. Aluminum, when mixed with small amounts of alloys can possess the strength of steel. Since it can be sculpted, the softer properties of aluminum break down the creative barriers in other strong materials. Eyeglasses with aluminum frames are appealing, lightweight, and recyclable. 


Monel is a mixture of different metals. It can have nickel or other metals that can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals with sensitive skin. However, many of these frames have a coating to keep your skin protected. These frames are fairly flexible and withstand corrosion. 


Known for its extreme flexibility, flexon is a titanium alloy. A great feature of this material is that it returns to its original shape even when bent or twisted. Flexon frames are corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic, and lightweight. Experts recommend these frames for active children. 

Tips to Help Find the Ideal Eyeglass Frames for You

Know Your Face Shape

The first thing you need to know when finding the perfect frame for you is to know your face shape. There is a frame style for every face shape, and you can even use your glasses to accentuate your best features. For instance, someone with a heart-shaped face would look great in rounder frames that are thicker on the top. Those with oval-shaped faces are lucky because every frame shape complements their features. 

Select Colors that Suit Your Skin Tone

Do you have cool or warm-toned skin? If you have a warm skin tone, consider frames in warm colors like pink, red, and tan. On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone, choose cooler hues, such as gray, black, and blue. 

Choose Frames According to Your Lifestyle

Another essential thing to consider when choosing eyeglass frames is your lifestyle. You want to invest in durable frames if you are an active person or have a labor-intensive job. Moreover, your eyeglass frame fits your nose bridge, so it stays in place. Keep in mind that the ideal eyeglass frame is not only appealing but also comfortable to wear. 

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