Eye dominance works similarly to having a dominant hand or how we favor one side of the body over the other. However, not many people are aware of their dominant eye, but you can find out with some testing at a professional eye center. Here’s what Excel Eyecare OD PA, a trusted name in corneal reshaping technology, has to say.

What is Ocular Dominance?

Also known as eye dominance, having a dominant eye is normal for most people. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have better vision, since your eyes still work as a team. It’s simply more of your body preferring one eye over the other since it provides slightly better input to the visual cortex of your brain. This means your leading eye relays information more accurately, such as identifying and locating objects.

Ocular dominance is not a concern in most cases unless you have a condition such as strabismus or amblyopia. If this is the case, we suggest scheduling an appointment at a trusted vision therapy center to improve your condition.

Different Types of Ocular Dominance

To determine your dominant eye, you need to get tested at a professional eye care center. They’ll use different techniques such as the Miles test, and they’re typically easy to perform. It’s even possible to not have a dominant eye, but you’re more likely to have a mixed/alternating ocular dominance, where certain functions or tasks are dominant for one eye while the other eye is dominant at other tasks at different instances.

Some of the common types of eye dominance include motor dominance, sensory dominance, and sighting dominance. Motor dominance refers to the eye that’s less likely to lose fixation at the near point of convergence. Sensory dominance refers to one of your eyes having a stronger vision than the other while sighting dominance means you prefer one eye over the other when fixating on a target.

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