Many people who have spent years with vision problems and have been tethered to their contact lenses or glasses during the day have fantasized about being able to wake up in the morning and see normally. They have also craved being able to continue to see without contacts or glasses during the day. While many assume that they need to have eye surgery in order to make this happen, there is another option; Ortho-K contact lenses.

What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is a vision treatment option for those who do not want to wear glasses or contacts during the day or have a hard time doing so due to eye health or lifestyle factors.  Ortho-K works with many people who are nearsighted, or who have myopia. They are specialty contacts that are fitted by our optometrist for the patient to wear at night instead of the day. While you sleep, the contacts temporarily reshape the contour of your cornea to reduce myopia. The reshaping doesn’t hold forever on its own, so the contacts need to be put back in each night in order to see effectively each day. The lenses themselves are more rigid than regular soft contacts, so they can take some getting used to, even at night.

Why do People Consider Ortho-K?

There are several reasons why Ortho-K becomes a serious consideration. Many people think of it as an alternative to LASIK surgery. In some cases, people may not be a valid candidate for LASIK, but they still may be able to use Ortho-K lenses. They will still be able to enjoy unobstructed vision during the day. It is common for some people to experience dry eye symptoms because of regular day to day contacts, due to the fact that these are worn at night, the dry eye issues may no longer be a problem. They are also free to be more active because they don’t have to worry about their glasses falling off and breaking. People who work in dry and dusty environments may also want to consider Ortho-K lenses, the eye is very good at keeping itself clean and moistened when you add a contact lens on that system it can cause irritation. With Ortho-K your eye can function as it is meant to during the day without anything obstructing it.

If you live in Charlotte or in the nearby area, such as Steele Creek, you may want to talk to our eye doctor about whether Ortho-K treatment may be the right option for you or your child. Some studies have shown that Ortho-K treatment may also help slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in some children. To learn more, contact us at Excel Eyecare OD/PA in Charlotte, NC at 980-319-1870 to schedule an appointment.

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